Meet Dot!

She's an expert in healthy, happy Guinea Pigs!

Dot's Show-stock Cavies are healthy and happy because they are loved!

Guinea Pigs That Are Raised Like Family

Dot runs a tight ship!  She makes sure that PolkaDot Pigs are raised BY a family, LIKE a family.  They are gently, lovingly socialized from the day they are born.  Dot believes that being raised in a spacious, indoor, clean home environment makes for happy Cavies -- and happy Cavies are healthier Cavies!


Brownie was one of our first guinea pigs.  She is definitely in charge in the girls' cage.  Brownie was purchased from a local pet store.  While she is a "mutt" of sorts, she is super sweet and one of our favorites.  Brownie spends most evenings downstairs with her people eating veggies while sitting in someone's lap.  


Pixie is another one of our "mutt" guinea pigs, but she sure is cute!  She has a chocolate brown face with red/white body.  She is sweet like her mom, Brownie.  

Duke and Peanut

Duke and Peanut  are two of the prettiest self-black cavies I have ever seen. They are both jet black with great big floppy ears. They are also both squealors!  They love to make noise and do NOT like to be away from one another.  Duke is an American and Peanut is an Abyssinian.