Meet Dot!

The expert in healthy, happy Guinea Pigs!

Dot's Show-stock Cavies are healthy and happy because they are loved!

Guinea Pigs That Are Raised Like Family

Dot runs a tight ship!  She makes sure that PolkaDot Pigs are raised BY a family, LIKE a family.  They are gently, lovingly socialized from the day they are born.  Dot believes that being raised in a spacious, indoor, clean home environment makes for happy Cavies -- and happy Cavies are healthier Cavies!

Dot's Story

Get to know Dot and her philosophy of raising exceptional, show-stock Cavies. 

Dot's Difference

PolkaDot Pigs are beloved pets.  That's why Dot only has a few pups available every year.  Our priority is raising Cavies -- not selling them!

Dot's Standards

Because Dot's Cavies are loved, PolkaDot Pigs only go to the most loving homes.  

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